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Tips for Taking Care of Your Modest SwimwearTips for Taking Care of Your Modest Swimwear - Apr 7th 2014


Now that you have the option to wear modest swimwear to the beach, it’s important to take good care of it, and these tips will keep your suit like new.



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Modest Swimwear AccessoriesModest Swimwear Accessories to Keep You Comfortable - Mar 17th 2014


Modest swimwear accessories are available so you can keep your faith, wear your hijab, and follow the swimsuit fashion trends on every visit to the beach.


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Moderate Cover Swimwear LifeModerate Cover Swimwear Lets You Live How You Want To - Mar 13th 2014


Whether you’ve chosen the hijab or burka, or not, as a Muslim woman, you take modesty seriously, and moderate cover swimwear can keep your modesty intact.


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The Many Benefits of Wearing Modest SwimwearThe Many Benefits of Wearing Modest Swimwear - Mar 6th 2014


Modest bathing suits are a must in your modest clothing wardrobe, to keep your fashions in good condition and your modesty intact for years to come.


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Swim Anywhere with Full Cover SwimwearSwim Anywhere with Full Cover Swimwear - Mar 5th 2014


Fashion has finally caught up with your commitment to your faith. With modest swimwear in your wardrobe you can now enjoy the beach or the pool worry-free.


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Burqini Swimear for Your Summer 2014Burqini Swimear for Your Summer 2014 - Feb 27th 2014


Burqinis have been gaining in popularity and if you don the burka, this modest swimwear gives you access to the beach without sacrificing your modesty.


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2014 Haşema Swimwear and Bathing Suit Trend2014 Haşema Swimwear and Bathing Suit Trends - Feb 26th 2014


Haşema swimwear follows modest bathing suit trends for 2014 and offers hajib and burka appropriate modest swimwear for Muslim women the world over.


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How Modest Swimwear Meets Your Needs

How Modest Swimwear Meets Your Needs - Feb 19th 2014


Modest swimwear meets all of your personal and religious needs by meeting the requirements for hijab and burka, and helping you feel safe and liberated.


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Modest Clothing and Swimwear in the World

Perception of Modest Clothing and Modest Swimwear Around the World - Feb 18th 2014


Modest clothing and swimwear used to be frowned up by other countries but now they are common the world over, so Muslim women can enjoy life anywhere!


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Rise of Modest Clothing and Modest Swimwear


The Global Rise of Modest Clothing and Modest Swimwear - Feb 13th 2014


Modest clothing and modest swimwear is becoming a fashion trend the world over, and there are many similarities to Islamic swimwear to be seen.


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About Modest Swimwear

What You Need to Know About Modest Swimwear - Feb 11th 2014


Getting a modest bathing suit for the first time is exciting and nerve-wracking, so it’s important to know the basics about what you are buying.


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how to choose your modest swimsuit

A How-To Guide: How to Choose the Best Swimsuit for You - Feb 10th 2014


Buying a modest bathing suit doesn't have to be difficult, and with the help of a few tips, you’ll find online bathing suit shopping to be a breeze.



Turkish Fashion Trends for 2014 - Feb 6th 2014Turkish fashion trends 2014


2014 Turkish fashion trends prove you don’t have to give up the hijab; modest swimwear and increased hijab options make keeping your faith easy.


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Arabic fashion trends 2014

Arabic fashion trends for 2014 - Feb 5th 2014


Fashion trends for 2014 are liberating fashion for Muslim at the beach with more options for modest bathing suits so you can swim in faith and style.


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