How to Profit from Owning a Beach House

When most people think of beach houses, they think of a place to relax and escape the everyday. But what if your beach house could do more than just provide you with a place to rest and recuperate? What if it could be a source of income for you? In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to profit from owning a beach house. Whether you want to use it as a vacation rental or simply rent it out during peak season, there are plenty of ways to make money off your coastal property!

First, it is important to understand the different types of beach houses and what might work best for you. There are three main types: oceanfront, bayfront, and canal homes. Oceanfront properties are those that sit directly on the beach facing the water. Bayfront homes are located in a cove or bay, with water on either side. Canal homes are located on a canal that leads out to the ocean.

The next step is to determine what type of renter you would like to attract. Families with children are likely to prefer an oceanfront or bayfront home, as they can enjoy swimming and fishing right from their property. If your goal is to attract more adult renters, then you may want to consider buying a canal house.

When it comes time for vacationers, they have many options when choosing where they would like to stay. One of the most popular choices is a beach house that can be rented on an overnight or weekly basis. If your goal is more about making money than providing accommodations, this might be the best route for you. You can typically charge more for a beach house than a hotel room, so there is potential to make a good return on your investment.

Another option is to rent out your home during peak season only. This can be a great way to make money while still being able to use the property yourself during other times of the year. It is important to remember that if you plan on renting out your home during peak season, make sure you have enough insurance coverage in case anything happens while it’s not being used.

As a final tip, consider purchasing an oceanfront or bayfront property if possible. These types of homes are generally more desirable and can fetch a higher price. If you are not able to purchase one of these properties, remember that it is still possible to make money off your beach house by following the tips we have outlined in this article!

How To Choose a Whole House Water Filter For Your Beach Home

Filtering your own water is an easy and inexpensive way to get delicious purified water. Concerns over the safety of tap water grow daily which has prompted the introduction of a wide variety of filtration systems on the market. Choosing a Whole House Filter for your Beach Home can be simple and stress-free if you follow some simple guidelines. Clean, safe water is a necessity in any home so it’s important to determine what is in your water and what exactly needs to be filtered out. So which water filtration is the right one? Be sure and take a list of questions with you when you decide to actually go to buy your new water filter.

Follow these steps and learn how to determine exactly what needs to be filtered out as well as how most common filtration systems work. Also, you’ll learn which systems are certified and why that’s important. Home water filtration systems remove contaminants but there are many different kinds that serve different purposes. There are basically two different kinds of systems. The point-of-entry (POE) systems treat all of the water that enters your home at the point where the water comes into your home from the outside. A point-of-use (POU) system treats the water at the point of delivery into your home (faucets, water hoses).

Find Out What’s in Your Water

If you have “city water” or water provided by a municipality, it’s important to determine if they use chloramines or chlorine and also if they add fluoride. This is easy to find information. The EPA requires that your municipality do routine water checks and this information is available as public information on the web. You can also find this out by simply calling your water company. If you are on well water, you should get your water tested at a lab to determine everything that is in it. Most well water has bacteria in it. For guidance on how to have your water tested, you can call the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline to find out labs in your area that are certified.

Whole house water filters are generally installed to remove mineral deposits as well as odors and tastes that are unpleasant. Depending on what is in your water, you may still need another type of POE filter as well to make sure that all contaminants are removed. For example, if the chlorine in the water irritates your skin, you may want an additional filter installed at your showerhead.

Find Out How Different Filtration Systems Work

The various water filtration systems work differently. Most undersink filtration systems work by pouring the water through activated carbon which traps contaminants in highly absorbent carbon filters. Some use a process called reverse osmosis which reverses the flow of the water filtering it as it passes through. This method offers the benefit of not wasting water. And some units use distillers which heat water to a boiling point creating steam which separates from the contaminants so they can e easily disposed of.

Make Sure Your Unit is Certified

When you are choosing your filtration system, make sure it is NSF or WQA certified. When you see that seal on the product, it means that the unit has been tested to make sure that it actually removes what it claims to. A simple web search on the NSF site or the WQA site can offer some suggestions for certified systems.

Consider All of the Added Costs

Once you’ve chosen a filtration system, be sure to consider all of the costs for maintenance. Filters have to be routinely replaced and this cost can range anywhere from $20 to $400 depending on the system. When purchasing the system as well as the filters, check to see if there are warranties available for the system and the filter as well.

Ease of installation will depend on the type of system. Most POU systems are easy to install and don’t require the assistance of a professional. POE systems generally require the services of a professional, such as a plumber. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Choosing the right whole house filter for your beach home will insure that your family has contaminant-free delicious water for drinking and for all other uses. Take time to research the condition of your water, what needs to be removed and which filtration system is best to meet your needs.

A Beautiful New Master Bedroom Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Making changes is not always easy. Whether the change is in yourself, your home, or changing in a $100 bill.. Ok that last one is off-topic but it’s still tough, isn’t it?!

The venture can sometimes be overwhelming, or you just don’t know where to begin. Sometimes, though, changing a room can be thrilling and adventurous. Upgrading your master bedroom can make you feel relaxed and happy. Design isn’t necessarily everyone’s forte, and the options are often hard to imagine in your space. If you can muster the courage to think outside that little shoe box your head is sometimes keen to, you may surprise yourself.

Take color for example. What colors make you feel at ease? Try to stay away from the colors you always gravitate towards, since that color has probably been in each room of your home for decades. This is not about “Oh, that’s easy, my favorite color is purple”, this is about thinking outside that box remember? We are transforming that Master Suite! We need to think gorgeous, darlin!

White is sometimes a bit too clean, perhaps. If you have children, they can find a way to stain anything. But, hey, this is your room! Tell the kids to keep the cheese balls in the kitchen! Or even “My room is off-limits to munchkins!” Whatever you decide, white can give the feel of a luxurious penthouse, without that sinful price tag. Consider a fluffy white down comforter, a couple of throw pillows in an out-of-the-box color for an accent. Drapes can offer a place for a contrasting color, as well. Sheer curtains between the drapes allow light to naturally filter bright sunlight while still brightening the bedroom. If you can, try out a new, luxury bedroom set.

Don’t be afraid, you can do this! If it isn’t budget friendly, there are still options available. You can find lovely pieces at the thrift store, or keep your old set and put the husband to work refinishing. He needed something to do, anyway. You can paint, stain, or sand your current bedroom set and give it a face lift without the large investment of new furnishings. Replacing the drawer-pulls and other hardware can make it look like a different set altogether. If you have a lot of dead space, fill it up! Adding a window seat, a reading nook, or bench seat at the foot of the bed can really improve the visuals. Adding a beautiful area rug can cover problem areas, and bring colors together.

Another job for Mr. Handy Hubby, (You’re welcome) could be new light fixtures that can give the room the lighting you want for your boudoir. Lamps on the nightstand that match the overhead chandelier can also add a touch of class. Once the room is complete with all of the upgrades you implement, take a shopping trip to add smaller elements. A soft throw tossed across the bed, new bedding, pillows, and shams, just naming a few. There are also interior designers that may help you get some ideas. Luxury Master Bedrooms are not the things of fairy tales, anymore ladies. Get to shoppin’! Designing your new suite can make your home uplifting again, enjoying that new room is a whole new level of euphoria! Don’t get too comfortable when your work is complete, you still must function like a real adult…

Bathroom and Kitchen Design: Optimal Comfort Is The Goal

People should keep various things in mind during the bathroom and kitchen design processes. They should focus on functionality and convenience, first and foremost. Nothing matters more than maintaining bathrooms and kitchens that are simultaneously comfortable and efficient. Style is yet another major aspect of bathroom and kitchen design.

Update Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures and Hardware

If you’re committed to optimal bathroom and kitchen comfort, then you should make sure that any and all appliances are new and updated. This can boost efficiency and save a lot of time wasting. Brand new faucets can make your daily life easier. You should overhaul kitchen and bathroom hardware to encourage the highest degree of convenience. It doesn’t matter if you invest in new towel bars, fresh towel racks, modern cabinet knobs or anything else. Comparatively subtle kitchen and bathroom changes can do a lot for your comfort levels.

Focus on Top-Quality Lighting

Dim bathroom and kitchen lights are hardly comfortable and dependable. They’re hardly inspiring as far as aesthetics go, too. If you’re interested in enhancing efficiency, organization and convenience in your bathroom and kitchen, you should make top-quality lighting a big priority. Think about investing in vanity lights for your bathroom. This can better functionality and visual appeal at the same time. Consider combining decorative, accent, ambient and task lights in your kitchen. Doing so can promote convenience, comfort and visual appeal. That’s certainly no small feat.

Install Brand New Flooring

Fresh new flooring can seriously strengthen comfort levels in any bathroom or kitchen. New floors can also be easy on the eyes. If you want to make your life a lot easier, it can help to consider flooring types that are particularly low-maintenance. Keeping vinyl flooring clean and neat tends to be a piece of cake. People who want bathroom flooring that’s remarkably resilient and strong can go for tile floor installation as well. If you don’t want to have to waste your time thinking about bathroom flooring that’s prone to deterioration, tile may be the answer. Try to find flooring that’s invulnerable to staining and water damage.

Install Attractive and Modern New Cabinets

Outdated bathroom and kitchen cabinets can look less than welcoming. Using them can be a pain as well. If you want to increase comfort in your bathroom and kitchen, you should put your time into new cabinet installation. Don’t panic if you don’t want to spend a fortune on new cabinets, either. You can reduce your costs dramatically by going for cabinet resurfacing service. Refacing the cabinets in your kitchen can make them look as good as new. It’s a process that costs significantly less money. It’s also a much speedier one. People who wish to avoid the hassles of time-consuming and cumbersome home update projects can always go for refacing work.

Get a Kitchen Island

If you constantly dream about a kitchen that’s the portrait of ease, serenity and relaxation, then you should think about island installation. The addition of a kitchen island can be excellent for all of your food preparation requirements. It can even help you with many kitchen storage needs. People who want kitchens that exude contemporary convenience often cannot resist islands and all of their potential perks. They’re extremely popular these days.

Designing Your Seaside House To Maximize Ocean View

Purchasing seaside property is the goal of many in the world. It can be a goal for retirement, a vacation home, or a peaceful cottage on a remote beach. Your house should reflect the environment and maximize the view of the water as much as possible. Not only will you enjoy your location more, but your resale value will raise with more of a view.

Entertain on the Top Floor

When designing your seaside house, think about when you would most like to see the views and what kind of privacy you need. A roof-top space to entertain is a great way to see all of the views from your house, and you are elevated from the people walking along the beach. A nice outdoor bar, fireplace, and seating is lovely in the evenings. Lighting is easy and inexpensive for rooftop entertaining. This is also a good place for viewing parties with your telescope.

Change the Standard Floor Plan

Put your living areas on the top floor. Doing this will allow you to get views that are less obstructed and farther out. Your best views should be for the rooms that you spend the most time in. If you spend the most time in your office but love to entertain, try building a small detached office closer to the beach for the serenity.

Bedrooms on the second floor can still have a view but they won’t be the best views, put the bedrooms used the least closer to the back of your floor plan.

Windows and Privacy

The standard for seaside houses is massive walls of windows. If you want the windows and value your privacy, consider using the natural environment to keep some privacy from your neighbors or people on the beach. If this isn’t possible, having motorized blinds installed in the bedrooms will help keep the privacy.

Your Deck

A nice deck looks great on a seaside home. Visualize what you want to see on your deck from the inside of your home. Will your grill, table, and chairs be in the way of your view?

A Place for Sand

A seaside home has the potential to get dirty with sand, so planning for a room or outdoor shower and clean up area is a great way to keep the rest of your house cleaner.

A Sanctuary

Planning on a space that is the sanctuary of the home, a perfect room, is a great way to have something special when your home is finished. This may be a library, Master bedroom, bathroom, or your kitchen. Plan on one room that you know you will feel at peace in and be glad you made it your own.

Designing a seaside house is a fun job but there are a lot of things to consider. Think about your life inside your home and exactly how your day to day life will go. This process will help you decide where your rooms should go and what you want out of living by the ocean.